Monday, October 23, 2006

Dreams and Jesus

(Below is a poem that hopefully will inspire you about faith, Jesus, and the walks that we take in life. It enlightens us to have faith, and really believe what is true to our heart. If one believes in Eternal Life and their Lord Jesus, I believe that they can accomplish anything.)

Into the midst, lies a flame of untold glories....
Just breathe...
Just breathe, and the night will go away.

Into the fog, I hold out my hands.
"Come and touch me, I've been waiting...
See me, for there is a drought throughout the lands."

Just breathe, and he will hold me,
"Just breathe my child, and your faith will awaken."

I am afraid
I am forsaken,
A man tells me the story of a drought in the land...

Who will bring me water?
Who will bring me hope?

"Just breathe, and your questions will be answered."

And the man opens my closed eyes.
"My child, here is your land..."

My heart is restless.
My mind aches of confusion.
Who will bring me faith?
Who has brought on this resurrection?
Who will provide me water to my lands?

Again, I close my eyes,
and a strange man holds ot his hand.
"Just breathe and I will hold you.
Let your steps become mine and I will carry you.

For thou name is Jesus, and it is I who has brought on this resurrection.
I will bring you your water."

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