Monday, October 16, 2006

Poem: Memories in the Car

Sometimes when I’m sitting in the car alongside in the passenger’s seat
Next to my love as he travels to our next destination,
I’m busy driving elsewhere.

I may be driving to many a years ago to childhood memories as we pass certain familiar spots,
Or busy daydreaming to the inspirations from the music on the radio.

I’ll travel to the good times of a youthful childhood when passing an old country spot
where a home once stood.
All the beautiful sunshine days I spend outside as a little girl,
Or the magical Christmases celebrated in that old house,
Although it no longer stands, the picture is forever built in my mind.

There have been ties we’ve passed a public park in my old hometown and I’ll daydream
When my love and I began dating…

So many summer nights spent laughing and frolicking in that park…

And then I’ll turn my to my love and smile,
Then grab his hand, as we continue to drive.

Minutes later, as a memory passes,
As song will dance to my ears from the radio, and yet
Carry my mind miles away again.

I may dream of dancing, stardom, the old high school days, love,
Or even my little girl, all grown up.
It shall depend how those musical cords shall hit me.

Slowly, silently, I’ll drift off to my special dreamland.
Relaxed, with memory tunes playing in my mind.

Before I know it, my love softly nudges me and reports,
“Honey, we’re here.”

And our destination is met for many more memories to be created,
Driving down those dreamy roads.

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