Friday, August 03, 2007

-This little poet and designer is tired of being sick :(

Man...I have been sick for a week now. It all started last Friday morning when I woke up with a sore throat..and onto work I trudged. By afternoon--my nose was leakin like a faucet. This has been the cruddiest week. Went to the doctor on Tuesday to get some antibiotics. Ive been suffering from bronchitis and this darned cough all week.

Some can say--yeah-you've had a week off of work-but it's hardly been a vacation. Ive spent most of it in bed or on the couch. My ear still hurts today, and still have a small amount of cough. But Monday--i'll be heading back to the work, and I sure hope I feel better--In the summer time-it is no fun being sick.

Of course---i had a whirlwind of stuff going on the past few weeks, and perhaps somebody up higher was trying to tell me I needed to slow down too....So perhaps that's why I was blessed with this so wonderful sickness.. ha ha---

--Let's hope I get better!!!....

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