Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get Paid to Blog...and have time for more craft projects!

For those who already run their own blog, jewelry blog, craft blog, or any other blog by that means, you can get paid to blog at Smorty. While you are blogging about things that you already enjoy, you can advertise on your blog to earn a little extra money for your online craft/hobby business.

By adding some advertising on your blog, this allows more extra time to do your craft and hobby projects. Add a few blogs for some extra cash, then go on ahead to your craft table to make more braclets, necklaces, earrings, and other crafts to sell.

Smorty is free to join, easy to understand, and allows you to make more money from home. You can create a new blog at and begin blogging on just about any topic. Crazy about beads? Begin blogging about shopping for beads, or making beads. If you are crazy about designing jewelry, you can blog about different kinds of designs, projects, and more. When you blog, the sky is the limit-so why not earn some extra money blogging at the same time?

If you need some extra cash to buy supplies,beads, or anything else you need for your projects, Smorty is a great place to earn that extra spending pocket cash. One of the best things, is that Smorty pays out weekly to your paypal account. Just think--you could buy beads and craft supplies every week just from blogging!

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