Thursday, January 24, 2008

Change of Pace for article about Hollywood and It's Youth

After hearing about the death of Heath Ledger, I have to say I was quite shocked. While its pretty sure his death was accidental, I can't seem to stop thinking that some of these roles he played in movies took a part on the road to his untimely death. After doing some thinking, I was inspired to write an article....

Hollywood and Our Youth
Is Hollywood Killing our Youth?

The passing of Heath Ledger was a shock for fans and most of all, his family. It is possibly concerned that his latest rolls were more of a strain on him than any other roles that he has played and that it lead to many sleepless nights. Ledger was still young, and at his prime. Perhaps the stress of role playing in the movies finally took a toll on a bright and delightful young man’s life.

Hollywood is much more of a struggle with its acting careers and roles than it was more than 50 years ago. Of course, every decade seems to have its Marilyn Monroe, or James Dean. If you were to ask any current actor or actress, Hollywood just isn’t easy. Paparazzi follow around these workers like they are mice in a cage being observed. Actors and actresses are working at their jobs just like the average worker in our every day life.

While they are being paid more, and live in more posh lifestyles, their only goal is to live and of course, put food in their mouths too. Hollywood stars have family and children to take care of, and to bring into this society. Others may report and believe that they ask to be followed around with cameras and that this lifestyle comes with the territory. But no actor should have to fall into depression or die over the stress of the evil that Hollywood brings.


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