Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to Purchase Beads While the Cash Flow is Low

Jewelry makers and hobbyists love beads. Without beads, designs just can't be put to the test or created. Of course, while we can draw pictures on paper, or come up with hopeful dreams in our heads, beads is a must for all jewelry makers. While money may be tight at times, there are ways to purchase beads even if money is tight. There are even ways to make your own beads too. If your wallet has a hole, or the well is running dry in your home, read on to find out some easy ways to save money to keep up with your growing bead collection.

Are there magazines in your home or colorful pieces of paper? If you own a bottle of glue, a bottle of some type of clear gloss, or even clear finger nail polish, you can create your own set of paper beads. Recycle your old magazines by finding color patterns in some of your old magazines. Tear out pages and measure out small long triangle like strips of paper.


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