Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to Add Closures to Bracelets

Closures are an important accessory to add to your handmade bracelets. They are what keeps your bracelet secured to your wrist. Unless you are creating a stretch bracelet, having a closure is important. They are very easy to attach to a bracelet. With just a few simple steps, your bracelet will be finished once the clasp has been added.

Step 1

Decide on which kind of closure you would like use for your bracelet. You can choose from a spring, lobster, or toggle clasp. You can also use magnetic clasps as well. These work well for those who have arthritis, or have trouble hooking clasps together.

Step 2

String all of your beads onto the bracelet that you would like. Be sure that it is the correct length and you have plenty of string left over to tie your clasp onto your bracelet.

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