Thursday, January 01, 2009

How to Become a Professional Jewelry Artisan

Becoming a professional jewelry artisan can be a fun road to take if you enjoy crafts and the art of jewelry making. There are few things you may need to know, such as running a business and the concepts of jewelry making. With the right knowledge and plenty of motivation, the dream of becoming a professional jewelry artisan can come true.


Step 1

Attend some jewelry-making classes at a nearby school or local college. Learn the basics of jewelry making, including general information about types of stones, crystals, wire and metals. You may also want to take some business courses so that you can learn the concept of running a business if you would like to open a jewelry store or start a home business.

Step 2

Register at a nearby college to begin taking some art courses. It will help to have a background in the arts along with some type of degree to make you more credible as a professional artisan. Look into programs that help you receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts or some other type of art degree.

Step 3

Decide what type of jewelry you would like to create or if you would like to teach jewelry-making classes. Focus on a niche, such as wire jewelry, beaded jewelry or semi-precious stones. Learn more about the niche that you have decided to go into by attending classes, doing research and viewing handmade jewelry of other artisans.

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