Monday, October 11, 2010

Purchase Earrings to help Rescue Cats

Jody Coyote Earrings: Unique Earrings for Any Style

Jody Coyote Earrings offers unique and stylish earring designs that you can wear every day. The company has been designing earrings since 2008. The earrings can match a casual outfit, be worn to work or even for elegant wear. Each design has been handcrafted, making it unique to other earrings found in the jewelry retail industry.

With proper care, your purchase from Jody Coyote will last for years to come. Your earrings could even be a family treasure or heirloom that you pass down to a daughter or other relative. Jody Coyote designs are created using sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire that has bee creatively combines with stones, beads and colorful patina finishes on embossed metals. The website offers some proper care instructions for your jewelry. They offer that you polish the wire parts of the jewelry using a jeweler's rouge cloth or silver cleaning cloth. It states that the embossed metal components have been treated with a protective coating and should not require any extra cleaning. Do not use any other harsh cleaning solutions on the jewelry as it could cause it to tarnish. Always store your jewelry in an air-tight container or box.

The earring store is very simple to browse so that you can find that perfect set of earrings that you have been looking for. Simply choose the colors of your choice (such as green, gold, silver, red, pink, black or purple) and find the type of style that fits you the best. Jody Coyote Designs carry hoop earrings, dangle earrings, heart-shaped, star-shaped and even ones with dragonflies.

The online earring store offers three ways for a customer to shop. They may browse the online catalog and shop online, by mail or also by telephone. They website accepts credit cards as well. Interested shoppers may also sign up for the website newsletter. Each person who signs up will receive a $5 gift certificate just for signing up.

If you are a cat lover and would like to help donate to the Nine Lives Foundation, then you can purchase the unique and fashionable earrings designed by Charleen Larson of Jody Coyote Earrings. A portion of each sale will go to fund the Nine Lives Foundation which rescues cats and kittens from death row all over Northern California. The donations will help house these cats in their forever homes.


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