Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Few Places to Earn Some $$ Writing

Aside from creating handmade jewelry and writing my poetry, I have been on a journey searching for some online writing gigs to make some extra cash at home. I have found a few websites that I thought I would share with the public.

One website is

At, you can get paid to write reviews or information on any website of your choice, or even from the hit list, where there are different topics that you may find the the search engines. This is alot of fun, and it truly based around the people. It is focused on the people for the people. Free to sign up!

Another website is

You get to have tons of fun answering trivia questions, and you can even get paid for writing trivia questions of your own! Choose from the already given categories or suggest your own. It is a completely free program to sign up for.

One Last Website is

Offer your favorite tips on just about anything at! Submit your tips, and the ones that they publish, you get $3 for each tip! this is also free.

I will keep on the journey of writing gigs, and will post the ones that I find that seem legit :) .... Until then , there will be more jewelry and poetry articles to come!


Anonymous said... and will share with you the ad revenues generated by your writing contributions.

Kateri Cadotte said...

Another site to earn for your words, is