Thursday, February 15, 2007

Places to Sell your Crafts Online...

There seems to be a large market and alot of competition for those wanting to sell handmade crafts. It's really hard to find a great place to sell them, and I am almost always continuously browsing the net trying to find the perfect place to post my crafts. Recently I've come acrossed a few ideas and places to sell my crafts. Here is a list of a few of them. Some you may have to pay listings fees though--Most of the time, --no matter if it's a local craft show, online auction, or your own website,there may be always be some kind of small fee to sell your crafts-you just have to find the one that works best for you so that you can make a nice profit.

This market starts out with a free 60 day trial membership. Then you can continue your membership for about $10/month. There are categories for jewelry, home & entertaining, apparel, and gift certificates. The whole selling and ordering process is fairly simple. You sign up for your account (if it's your first time--you get a free trial), then you list your item descriptions, set your prices, and then upload your photos.

When there is an order, they notify you by email and you ship your items. Every month, Artisan's Market will pay you 80% of your gross total sales.

Click here to sign up.
It is 10 cents per listing to sell your items. Every product sold here is handmade and is truly an original. You list your items, and ship your products to your customers--and receive payment from them as well. It's almost like Ebay--but no auctions-and there are only craft items here.


If you are looking for a large market, check out this huge well known auction place. Listing fees vary, and you choose your prices, and shipping fees. Use for easier auction set ups for your ebay account.

Or...if none of these catch your fancy--start your own website and promote, promote, and promote! --With Search Engine submission, business cards, newsletters, and link exchanges.

One way or another, your crafts will catch someone's eye, and in the end, you will find what works best for you when it comes to selling your crafts. Good Luck!


Handmade Catalog said...

Don't forget to check out - we are one of the original online craft malls, online since 2002. Thanks!

Poetry 'n' Jewels said...

Handmade Catalog is good too :)

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

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