Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Boy and the Massacre

Lost in a world beyond fiction…
Hatred, jealousy, confusion…
And something beyond more than a mind could handle…

He was silent,
He was still,
But emotions welled up,
Like an ongoing windmill,
Powered by the fury that he was feeling.

Through writing, he tried to reach out to others,
But the world just didn’t seem to listen.
Diagnosed with depression, perhaps an attempt
Towards suicide, self infliction, or pain upon others.
Yet, nobody heard his cries.

Anger poured throughout his heart,
Unable to let love back in,
Any emotions were turned to dust until he felt nothing
No more.

Fury finally escaped the boy’s body,
Turning a regular sunshine day, into a horrid upheaval
Innocent lives lost.
Families turned upside down.
Others finally feeling the pain and sadness stricken upon

The confused angered boy.
He had no excuse,
But hatred felt there was a reason,

And after his long silence,
The world finally listened.
But this time it was too late.

In the end, the anger won the battle,
While there will be an emptiness in the hearts
Of the lives whose loved ones were lost.

*dedicated to the Virginia Tech Shootings in 2007

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