Sunday, February 18, 2007

Places to Market Your Crafts When You are on a Shoestring Budget

(this is an extended article for the post: Places to sell your crafts online--it's a little more detailed)
In one of my posts of this blog, I listed some places online that you could sell your crafts. Along with some of those places I have now given a brief write-up with some information about them. I also listed a few places that you could host your websites or get a domain as well....We all know we are always looking for places to market our crafts...and it's harder when we are on a budget as well!

Selling your crafts online gives you millions upon millions of places and opportunities to market your crafts. Amongst those millions, although, will be a line of competition that you will have to wait in. It sure is a jungle out there! Creating and selling handmade crafts can be a rewarding part time, and even full time job, but trying to find that special market to break into, can be a difficult task.
Being a crafter myself, I browse the internet on a weekly basis, trying to find places to sell my crafts. It takes a lot of patience and time to create my jewelry, and then it takes even more time trying to figure out where to sell it at. One of the main goals of an artisan is to have more time to create then to have to deal with the whole selling and marketing process.

For those on a budget, a great place to start out is This is somewhat like Ebay, where you have the product listings; the name of the seller, and you can even visit the mini store of the artisan. But that is where the similarities end between the two.

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