Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Please don't spam my blog

Hello readers :)

Just a small note. I don't mind others sharing relevant links on my blog such as jewelry or poetry, etc--as possibly a helpful tool for readers. But in the future--please don't post irrelevant links on my blog such as the one below with all kinds of wrong spellings in my comment section. I'm trying to figure out how to remove that comment--so if anybody has any suggestions...I'd appreciate it :) Any irrelevant links--I consider spam---

Again--cool jewelry links or poetry links to share with others---but no other links that have nothing to do with my blog post at the time :)

Thanks!!! :) ...

1 comment:

Lesalicious said...

No spam at all.

Love your blog.
Came across your blog and love it and would like to invite you to list your blog on Crafty Crafters top 100 site. It's where those with some great hobbies like to list there blogs and get to know others with blogs that is all about there hobbies. Here is the link and hope to see your blog there.:)