Monday, August 20, 2007

Poem: Hold Onto Family

Hold Onto Family
(poem written by Ariana R. Cherry)

Hold on to what you got,
Cause it’s all you will ever have

The years go by, and it’s the one constant thing in our life
That will always be there.
Fashions and clothing come and go
Knick knacks sit around looking pretty,
As it collects dust throughout the years,
Money might bring security,
But it sure doesn’t always provide happiness.

But family is the constant reminder of who you are…
And where you come from.

Friends will be there throughout a variety of stages in your life,
But family will be there each day,
With the rising and setting of the sun--
And each evening of the stars.

Remember to hold those that you love close,
And never let them go--
Because when God calls them home,
They will live in your heart forever.

Family-it’s the only ones you will ever have
You can’t replace them-
They’re priceless and glorious gifts from God.

There’s a reason God gave you family,
And a reason he gave you life.

Tell the people you care about that you love them,
And begin each day with prayer,
Thanking the Lord for his precious gifts….

Hold on to what you got,
Cause it’s all you will ever have.

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Wildhoney said...

Beautiful. It's quite true as well, although my family is somewhat mixed up. It's like putting fruit in a food blender and mixing us up for 5 seconds. The grape doesn't like the strawberry but likes the orange who likes the grape though doesn't like the strawberry and despises the orange. Oh you get the picture! Perplexing to say the least but adds to the family fun.