Friday, December 21, 2007

How to Organize Jewelry Tools

So, you are getting ready to set up for your next jewelry project, but you can't find your jewelry tools. --Are they in your stacking tray? Or did you leave them on the table in the kitchen? Perhaps they are with that other container of beads?....Sound familiar? Before you even begin a project, you are off and looking for that pair of plyers that just seems to be M.I.A. ...
(missing in action)

The article below will give you an easy way to organize your jewelry tools, so that they will be readily available for your next project--you can spend more time creating--instead of searching.

How to Organize Jewelry Tools


If you own some jewelry tools, then you might want to organize them so that they will be easy to acesss. During the times you are creating jewelry pieces, having them organized will make your project making go much easier.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

storage containers
jewelry supply collection


Step One

Gather all of your supplies together in one place such as your jewelry stacking tray....

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