Thursday, January 03, 2008

Redecorating Rooms for the New Year?-Check out some custom bedding.

It's the new year, and perhaps we all might be decorating rooms or even revamping our bedrooms. There are small changes that you can do with bedrooms that can change the entire look of a room. One change you can do is add a different color pattern to the bedspread and add handmade decorations to the room as well.

If you are looking for bedding to change the bedspread, you can visit Vision Bedding. You can choose from all types of custom bedding. This website lets you totally personalize your look with photos on pillows and blankets. The possibilities would just be endless. Vision Bedding has several designs such as landscapes, flowers, artistic, butterflies, teen girl designs, modern, tropical, and more.

Once you choose your bed decorations, then it's time to personalize it even more! Try creating some beaded curtains to hang in a doorway if you are going tropical. Or if you want an old fashioned retro look-create a beaded lampshade. Buy an old fashioned lampshade and string beads from the ends for that retro-type style.

To add some style and pizazz to your frames, look for beads of all types of shapes and colors. Glue different beads to your frames, or even use letter beads to personalize your frames and names.

For a new year, it could bring alot of fun for a few days to redecorate your own room, or even your child's room with brand new bright colorful bedding, and adding artistic beads and designs. Decorating could definitely be a great resolution to start out for the new year.

Custom Bedding

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