Thursday, January 03, 2008

Places for Inspiration: Designer Jewelry

If you are ever looking for some online places to gather inspiration about jewelry ideas, try checking out some of the sterling silver jewelry or even just plain designer jewelry. There are so many possibilities when creating jewelry, that you just have to open your mind to the various ideas.

One website to check out is some Sterling Silver Jewelry at Overstock silver. You can find some Tiffany Style jewelry in their Tiffany Knockoffs section, and even question mark jewelry.

Find heart charms and beautiful dangle earrings in the Designer Inspired Jewelry sectiion too. Look through their rings to get inspirations on how to create your own rings with sterling silver wire. With the dangle earrings, you could find charms, swarvoski crystals, and colorful stones to add to their designs. Grab some sterling silver chain, and you could design stunning earrings to wear or sell in no time.

By not only just looking at handmade jewelry, you can also look at designer jewelry to gain the inspiration you need when creating your handmade jewelry designs.


Anonymous said...

Nurture passes nature.


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